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When you register for PaceDay, you sign up for a fundraising mission first and a bike ride second. Whether you are a Paceline Pal who never gets on a bike or a rider cycling the Southern Soul 70, your commitment contributes to Paceline's mission of raising funds for innovative cancer research at the Georgia Cancer Center.

Registering for PaceDay 2023 and agreeing to subsequent fundraising minimums includes:

  • Entry to the fully-supported ride on PaceDay and the finish line party at the Augusta Common. Each road route will have a police escort, rest stops, and SAG vehicles at the ready.
  • Special Rider Bag at PaceDay check-in also includes a Paceline t-shirt if you register by September 15.

*Must be 14+ to ride the 25, 50, or 70-mile routes. Ages 10-13 may only ride the Cyber City Circuit.

Fundraising minimums are set by the route option you choose:

All participants have until December 3, 2023, to reach fundraising minimums.

To take advantage of fund sharing, you must raise $100 by October 15.

Cyber City Circuit (0.9 mi) - $400
Hammer & Nail (25 mi)
 - $400
Funky 50 (50 mi) - $600
Southern Soul 70 (70 mi)
 - $600
Young Adults (ages 10-25) - $250, all routes

The registration site will store email and password information for new registrants once the registration process is complete.

Registering by September 15 guarantees a t-shirt on Ride Weekend.

Password requirements: 6-25 characters, no spaces.